Family Support, Mental Health, & Crisis Response

Crisis Response
Child Abuse Hotlines
Crisis Pregnancy Hotlines
Domestic Violence Hotlines
General Crisis Intervention Hotlines
In Person Crisis Intervention
Internet Based Crisis Intervention
Mental Health Hotlines
Runaway / Homeless Youth Helplines
Sexual Assault Hotlines
Suicide Prevention Hotlines
Talklines / Warmlines

Family Support and Counseling
After School Program
Caregiver / Care Receiver Support Groups
Child Care Centers
Conjoint Counseling
Family Counseling
Family Support Centers
General Counseling Services
Group Counseling
Individual Counseling
Peer Counseling
Support Groups
Wraparound Facilitation / Community Support

Developmental Screening and Assessment
Early Head Start
Developmental Assessment
Developmental Screening
School Readiness Programs
Special Education Advocacy
Special Education Assessment
Special Education Plan Development

Treatment Facilities
Adult Residential Treatment Facilities
Children’s / Adolescent Residential Treatment Facilities

Psychiatric Services
Psychiatric Case Management
Psychiatric Day Treatment
Psychiatric Medication Services

Supportive Therapies
Art Therapy
Equestrian Therapy
Pet Assisted Therapy

Mental Health Support Services
Child Guidance
Condition Specific Mental Health Information / Education
General Mental Health Information / Education
Gambling Addiction Prevention Programs
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
Mental Health Halfway Houses
Psychiatric Aftercare Services
Runaway Prevention Programs
Suicide Prevention Programs
Therapy Referrals